Each house begins with a well-defined sense of entry and progresses to a wide-open interior living space filled with east-facing natural light. High ceilings, large windows and doorways, hardwood floors, built-in amenities, creative use of materials and a host of finely tuned architectural details are telling elements of construction integrity. Ranging in size from 2500-3350 square feet, each house is contemporary in design, playful in spirit, and exceptionally efficient from all current perspectives of sustainability.


Consistent with a contemporary Northwest way of living, the kitchen is integral to first floor activity. The stainless, Italian-made gas range is a focal point. Quartz countertops, custom cabinetry, and the sum total of other well considered amenities create an inviting setting for family and friends to gather.

Designed to live with comfort and ease now and into the future, age-in-place features can be found where least expected: kitchen counter heights are bit higher to reduce bending; laundry appliances are placed on pedestals; and most significantly, an elevator shaft is built into the design so if needed, an elevator can be installed for easy access to each level of the house.


Designed with green building strategies: super-insulated walls and ceilings, efficient  heating systems, LED lighting sources, water-efficient plumbing fixtures, Energy Star kitchen appliances and whenever possible, Northwest-sourced materials. Such attention to energy efficiency and overall environmental concerns of the houses qualifies them for Earth Advantage* certification by Energy Trust of Oregon.


*Earth Advantage is a third-party verified certification program established in 2000 to rate the energy efficiency standards of a home. The certification has since broadened its perspective, embracing the many factors that contribute to a healthy, environmentally friendly home.